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Funny how some people use that word these days. Their definition of the word service is: incompetence, complacency and if they show up at all, they have no parts stock on their truck. What a waste of your time, energy and money!

At New England, we like to think we have reinvented the word service. All we did is what we’ve always done. Show up on time and fix the problem the right way the first time around. No matter when you call us, 24/7, there’s a live voice on the end of the line, you’ll never get an answering service. You’ll speak with a knowledgeable person who wants to help. If we can talk you through a problem, we will. Even on Christmas Day there is a service technician on the road. Our technicians receive the best training money can buy. Whether manufacture provided programs or in our own classroom the training never stops. These technicians are backed up by a team of professionals with years of experience just a phone call away. Our service trucks are custom built and fully stocked and our technicians have access to over a quarter of a million dollars in parts inventory stocked in our Hoboken, NJ facility alone. When it’s all said and done New England has you covered.

This is how we define “SERVICE”
The Right People —The Right Knowledge —The Right Part in Stock

unit.jpgUnit Dismantlement:
Often, the use of a crane is prohibited by overhead street obstructions such as wires, poles and trees. We have the perfect solution - Unit Dismantlement! We’ve been doing it for thirty-five years. We will take delivery of the unit, (no matter what the size) into our facility, dismantle it and bring it to your specified location where it will be reassembled. When we’re done, that unit will meet or exceed the factory standards of when it was delivered from the distributor. This process does not void the warranty and we’ll put that in writing! See more >>

short.jpgShort on Space:

A big question for small space: “Where are we going to put all that equipment?” Using the latest software, our knowledge of available equipment and our understanding of building codes, we can design a system that will fit just about anywhere with ease of maintenance. See more >>


Our fabrication facility is state of the art with production capability topping 750,000 pounds of finished sheet-metal product produced annually. When it comes to duct work, custom spiral duct diffusers, roof-top units and fan curbs, we’ve got you covered. There’s no need to wait when you choose New England as your contractor. All structural steel and welded pipe fabrication is produced in our facility. Our band saw alone can cut a 24” I-beam. Whatever your needs, if it is made of steel we’re the company to call. This allows us to control a project from start to finish – on schedule and on the money! See more >>

You cannot leave the installation of a heating and cooling system in a Brownstone or historic building to just anyone. With thirty-five years experience behind us, New England delivers. We design these systems from the ground up with state of the art software. Using floor supplied air distribution we can alleviate those unsightly ceiling diffusers, without risking damage to the integrity of existing plaster walls and ornamental moldings. We work with Architects and Designers to ensure your satisfaction when the job is completed. There are no second chances here. Once the sheetrock goes up, you have to live with it. When contemplating your investment and renovation costs, heating and air conditioning is not the place to cut corners. Taking a recommendation from your general contractor who knows someone that can handle it could be your first turn to disaster. He’s thinking with his wallet which is in not in your best interest. Choosing the right mechanical contractor from the start is a no brainer. We have over two hundred plus historic buildings to our credit and the references to back it up. See more >>

Quiet please:

Live or work in an environment that sounds like a jet plane taxiing down a runway? We produce a product called Sound Grabber. It’s a series of fiberglass baffles built in an enclosure which is inserted into your heating and cooling return opening. We guarantee a minimum of fifty percent drop in decibels. Just think of how nice it would be to watch TV and not have to put the volume all the way up. To see if it will work for you, just give us a call.