Who we are

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. New England H.V.A/C Services was founded in 1978. We are a fully insured and licensed mechanical company. We’ve grown from a service van to a 1.5 million dollar state of the art fabricating facility and we’re already looking to move and expand again.

Whether residential, commercial or industrial, we strive to be in first place. Quality workmanship is our first goal and always has been. We like to think we set a standard in this industry throughout the tri-state area. By exploring this web site you will find answers to the many services we provide and some you never even knew existed.

A brief summary of the services we provide, and why New England is your better choice.

Air conditioning repair:
In an average summer season we spend more time replacing burnt wires and taking refrigerant out of units than putting it in. The days of holding the refrigerant line until it's beer can cold while adding refrigerant are over. By that time the system is over charged and increasing the current draw thus the reason for the burnt wires. This is the number one reason for blown compressors.  Not to mention doubling your electric bill.  A modern air conditioning system has to be charged with temperature recording devices and properly calibrated pressure gauges, as per the manufacturers charging criteria.  Anything else is unacceptable.  Our technicians have the proper tools to get the job done right because we supply them.

Heat pump repair:
For those of you that are the unfortunate recipient of a heat pump as their primary heating source, we feel for you.  As far as we're concerned they should be illegal to install in the North East.  As with air conditioners, a heat pump will not produce the proper heat if it is not charged properly.  After all, it's just an air conditioning system working in reverse.  95% of the heat pump units we work on are not wired properly.  Every manufacturer has their own wiring nomenclature.  As a reference to this, back in 1995 we removed (24)  heat pump condensers in North Bergen, N.J. so that the roofing company could repair the roof properly.  Out of twenty-four apartments, nineteen had the wrong thermostats and thirteen were running the condenser and the emergency electric heat at the same time.  Tenants were racking up $250.00 plus electric bills per month. Our technicians are trained to understand all brands and their idiosyncrasies.  We don't just go out to repair a heat pump. We like to think we go out to clean up the mess as a whole and get your mind on more important things.

Furnace repair:
Today's modern furnaces leave no room for amateurs.  They are all electronic with numerous redundant safeties.  Unless you have the right diagnostic equipment with the right knowledge,  you cannot repair them. Swapping out parts and praying doesn't cut it here.  Our technicians are trained on fully functioning furnaces in our facility. Our technicians will show up at your premises with the right knowledge and equipment to get the job done right the first time, every time.  We guarantee it.

Hot water heater repair:
Just like furnaces, today's hot water heaters are very complex.  We don't replace hot water heaters or repair leaky pipes. We step in where the plumber leaves off.  We fix the “electronic brain” per say.  Our technicians are fully trained in these units and we stock the majority of parts for all major brands.

Quality workmanship is not expensive, it's priceless!

"Bob was exactly what we needed! We just bought a new home and the ac broke right away. He came within 45 mins to rescue us then came back early in the morning to fix everything. He tells you like it is and is honest about his services. If you're looking for an honest person and very reliable, Bob is your guy! Thank you so much!"

We said it then, but it's never been so true: