Reviews of New England HVAC Services Corp of Hoboken, NJ & NYC

“I called Bob on a Saturday because our ac broke. He was so friendly on the phone and told me he would be over that day. He showed up when e said he would, fixed the problem, and called the next day to make sure everything was working properly. What a gem! Don’t hesitate to call him”
Review from Kannekt by – Mojo  (2011-07-31 )

“Bob and Fred did a fantastic job repairing my AC in the middle of the heat wave. My AC compressor broke in the middle of the afternoon and they were at my condo an hour later to inspect. After the repair, Bob followed up with a phone call that same evening to make sure the AC is working properly. And to my surprise, he called me again a week later to confirm everything is running smoothly. Bob also gave me some tips but never forced me onto any additional product or service that he offers. I really appreciate his work and fast response. Thanks Bob!!!”
Review from Kannekt by – Vicky  (2011-07-28 )

“3AM Sunday (today) – woke up in a pool of sweat with dog (Eddy) in even more distress – 95F in the apartment. A/C unit had stopped working in the middle of the night. Very optimistically, I called Bob before 9AM – SUNDAY – and he was over and had the unit repaired before 10AM. He instantly diagnosed the issue, had all the parts on hand and got the unit good as new. He gave me a good laught to boot. Great guy, great service. He is the first (and last) guy you need to call for HVAC issues. Thanks Bob!”
Review from Kannekt by – Justin Condon  (2011-07-24 )

“called on a saturday morning after a serious clog caused serious water damage to the sheetrock in my ceiling. bob answered immediately and came within 3 hours. diagnosed the problem instantly, removed the obstruction, and was gone within the hour. saved the day, couldn’t recommend him highly enough!!!!”
Review from Kannekt by – Anonymous (2011-07-17 )

“He worked Memorial Day. That says it all. We are nice and COOL now. No other company even answered the phone!”
Review from Kannekt by – Anonymous (2011-06-01 )

“We live on Bloomfield. We had so many problems in the past and figured we would try N.E. I thougt the rates were steep since it only took an hour. I was asking Fred about the rates when he simply explained the time to get to my house, finding parking which is like impossible, all the costs of running a business and overhead and insurance and stuff like that. I had a better understanding of it all once I asked. But heat is working great after having 2 other people there before calling them. I do recommend them because they are knowledgeable professionals.”
Review from Kannekt by – Kristin  (2011-01-19 )

“Great Experience! We’ve had problems before with HVAC repairmen since our system is newer and electronically controlled. Last year when we had it fixed, it took the guy 3 visits to make it work, and then it was broken again the next year. Bob sent one of his guys over, and he was in and out in an hour and a half. They came the next morning after I called. He wasn’t even there long enough for me to remember his name! (Fred?).

The problem was the pressure switch, and Fred had the proper equipment to actually diagnose the newer systems. He quickly identified the problem, and showed me why the uninformed work that was performed last year caused it. After a quick call to the manufacturer to get the model for the right part, he had one in stock on the truck and replaced it. We have heat again!

They are definitely more expensive per hour, but don’t be fooled. You get much more qualified service. In fact, Their hourly rate is over double what I paid last year, but the bill came out to half.”
Review from Kannekt by – AdamM  (2011-01-11 )

“I had an incredible experience with Bob and New England Air. We had no heat at my condo for several days (temp. inside got to 47 degrees!). The reason it took so long to fix was because I made the mistake of going through PSE&G first! After PSE&G charged me more than $700 over the course of their 3 trips to my condo to fix the same problem, when the issue still wasn’t resolved, rather than use them for a fourth time, I called New England Air. For starters, Bob picked up the phone (which is a huge plus). I explained to him my dilemma, and he had someone over within an hour. 30 minutes later, the problem was fixed, and we’ve had heat ever since. Bob even called me that night to make sure everything was OK. EXCEPTIONAL customer service & professionalism.”
Review from Kannekt by – Brian M.  (2010-12-31 )

“The first plus was that Bob answered his phone. It doesn’t sound like a lot but the number of professionals who don’t answer the phone or don’t call you back is quite staggering and it can be very frustrating. I said to Bob I wonder if you can help me with a problem with my furnace?. There was a pause, followed by a hearty laugh and Well, yeah that’s what we do (stupid). Bob sounds a bit gruff, but basically he’s a joker, likes a laugh and likes to pull your leg a bit. Second, he came round within 2 hours of the call. He then worked methodically thru the problem and let me ask lots of questions because I’m a DIY type and I want to know what’s going on. He made a few sarcastic remarks about some of the questionable work that had been done before – which I agreed with – and fixed things up properly as he went along. Something that I notice and really appreciate as someone who likes to do a job right. Bob fitted a new Aquastat to the furnace (I have a very old hydronic system), gave the system a good flush out and lubed up the pump. The system works great now and I feel confident that I now have a dependable system (I just moved into the house) and I see no reason why it can’t run for many more years.”
Review from Kannekt by – TheGreatDuggo  (2010-10-20 )

“I called because I was having a problem with my thermostat and he was able to talk me through the problem on the phone in a few minutes. It’s up and running again thanks to his tips. Would definitely use them again for any other problems that come up!”
Review from Kannekt by – Anonymous (2010-10-10 )

“Our AC didnt work when we came home late last evening, we tried everything but ended up spending a very hot night at home! First thing this morning we called Bob. He immediately troubleshooted over the phone and very quickly we discovered a switch had tripped. Bob saved us alot of time, effort and money. We would highly recommend him!!”
Review from Kannekt by – Annoymous (2010-09-04 )

“Bob rocks. I wish all contractor were as honest, skilled and responsible. Hopefully I will not need his services again soon, but when I do he’s getting my patronage.

1. Thorough. My fix took about 5 minutes. Instead of bolting and taking the minimum rate, Bob took the time to completely check my system and went up on my roof in 100F temperatures, too. He also gave me some great advice on how make the system more efficient with a quick trip to Home Depot and about 15 minutes of caulking and taping.

2. Quick. I called and he came same day. Told me his rates and called when he was on his way. He had another client running late, so he called to see if I was available earlier. Worked out well.

3. Nice. He is pleasant. Very easy to deal with.
Review from Kannekt by – hosehead76  (2010-09-03 )

“I came home from work in 95 degree heat to find that my AC unit was leaking and had been turned off by the building maintenance company. It could not be turned back on until the unit was serviced. Bob answered my call even thought they were closed, and came over immediately. He diagnosed and fixed the problem right away. He was very courteous. I would highly recommend New England.”
Review from Kannekt by – Anonymous (2010-09-01 )

“This guy was great!! I own a business in town and I needed help before opening on a SAT MORN of all days. Weekends are the busiest for us. Robert (Bob) was here earlier than expected, told me the problem and fixed the problem. He was honest which is something I greatly value especially in emergency situations . I highly recommend him!
He also went out of his way and wrote a letter so I may address the building about my HVAC problem. Now thats customer service!! Adriana”
Review from Kannekt by – Pleasant Road Spa  (2010-07-20 )

“I rarely write reviews, but I make exceptions when the situation warrants it. I have nothing but good things to say about Bob and NE Air conditioning. When our central AC became less effective at generating cold air, I first called another hoboken AC repair company based on a referral. They came by, rather quickly, and informed me that our compressor was broken and needed to be replaced – no explanation, end of story, give me $2000. Decided to get a second opinion and called Bob at NE AC. I told him over the phone what the other guy had said and done and Bob was suspicious of the conclusion. Bob came over a few hours later and within 10 minutes his suspicions were confirmed when he turned on the supposedly broken compressor without difficulty. After another ten minutes he had found a leak in the coil, he showed me the leak so I was clear about the problem, and explained in detail what our options were, the costs of the options and the timing. In our particular case, due to the age of our AC system as well as recent changes in the type of coolant used, we elected to replace the entire system, which was only about twice the cost the other company had quoted me to just replace the compressor. The whole project was completed in the course of about half a day and Bob even followed up on the next hot day to check the functioning of the new system as well as to top off the new coolant. Had we not called Bob we would have replaced our old compressor and then, when that inevitably failed to fix the problem, would have had to replace the entire system (which by the way would have required replacing the newly installed compressor with yet another new compressor.) So while the whole exercise cost a bit of money, in the end we saved some money by going to Bob at NE AC. I am intentionally leaving out the name of the other AC company as one person’s experience may differ from another’s, but you can save yourself the trouble and go straight to Bob. You may or may not like what he finds, but at least you can be satisfied that your getting an accurate assessment of the problem and your options.”
Review from Kannekt by – Elliot  (2010-07-15 )

“Had problems with my Central Air unit. Called Bob – he got me on the schedule and even finished the job in the rain instead of canceling. Problem solved!!! Cold air and enjoyment now for me. Thanks Bob!”
Review from Kannekt by – John  (2010-07-15 )

“Bob was exactly what we needed! we just bought a new home and the ac broke right away. He came within 45 mins to rescue us then came back early in the morning to fix everything. He tells you like it is and is honest about his services. If you’re looking for an honest person and very reliable, Bob is your guy! Thank you so much!”
Review from Kannekt by – Anonymous (2010-07-07 )

“Central air was always giving me problems since purchasing my home 5 years ago. After going through 4 HVAC company, I was desperate. I dreaded the summer as I know my HVAC will again need to be refill with Freon. Not one of them found a leak any where. The last one tested the coils and said no leak and suggested it was probably the pipes (behind the wall) which link the condenser and the unit in the house. Wanted to perform other test which of course will cost more $$$. Said no and one year later….last week, no cool air….again. I came across New England from this website and after reading the reviews I made up my mind to call Bob for help. I needed intervention here! Call him and he came over the same day. 5 mins after popping the hood off the coil and with his handy sniff-o-meter, he found the leaks in the coil. Gave me options, replace the coil or replace the entire thing which uses the new cooling gas. Tax credit in mind and one thing to worry about when its time to sell, I went with the latter. 2 days later Bob and Fred (trusty assistant) showed up with the new unit. He installed the new unit, tested the system after and even volunteered to re-fabricate parts of the intake vents, which he threw in as a freebie!!! It was like thunder clapping in my laundry room whenever the air condition switched on. Did I mention that he even took the extra step of sound proofing the new vents. New system works like a charm, noise cut by half and now I am sitting in an ice box on this hot Fourth of July. It’s hard to find a good, reliable, honest & professional contractor these days. Finding Bob is like finding a pot of gold at the end of the HVAC rainbow. Thanks Bob!!!! And Fred.”
Review from Kannekt by – Anonymous (2010-07-04 )

“We called NE and were told to check a bunch of stuff before he came on a call. We checked and everything seemd to be working ok. He’s a litte rough on the phone but when he got here he is really charming. He made us laugh and explained what he had to do and why. I am sure he was pretty beat up because it was 90 degrees all day and by the time he got here he was drenched and probably beat. He did his thing and we’re happy Hoboken’ers right now. The guy doesn’t give up. He stayed here until he found out what it was. I think it bothered him more than it did us. Would recommend him to all our friends in Hoboken.”
Review from Kannekt by – Anonymous (2010-06-22 )

“On Sunday night my air conditioning died. I woke up at 2am, sweating, to find the temperature was 83 degrees in the apartment. I checked all of the dials and the circuit breaker – but still no ac. I miserably went back to bed. =( The next morning i had to leave my dog, ScoobyDoo, home alone in the apartment with just the breeze. On Monday morning at 8am after looking around online, i came across New England AC. After looking at the reviews i dediced to call and provide ScoobyDoo with some tempterature relief.

When i called, ‘Bob’ sounded a bit rough on the phone, but ScoobyDoo was hot and John needed a cool apartment as well. At 150pm Bob was at my apartment. He was early for our appoitment very froendly. He and his assistant went up to the roof. I spoke with him as he did his investigating. He’s a smart guy and will to explain things to those that are mechanically inclined and curious about how things work. All said and done, 90 minutes later the temperature in my apartment is at 82 degrees and dropping.”
Review from Kannekt by – John F and ScoobyDoo  (2010-06-21 )

“We called because we were having a problem with our air conditioner. The man we spoke with was super friendly and was able to help us fix it without them even having to come! I don’t know any other company that would be so nice and helpful (especially without collecting cash). They seem to be very honest and I will definitely keep their names for the future– and, recommend them to others!”
Review from Kannekt by – Melissa & Eric  (2010-06-11 )

“Super fast and professional service! Called at 10 in the morning and he apologized he couldn’t get my place before 11:30! Finished the job in 15-30 minutes and explained exactly what the problem was and how he fixed it. He even talked me out of doing a major re-haul I thought needed saving me a headache and thousands of dollars. Really friendly and professional. I would definitely call again!”
Review from Kannekt by – Anonymous (2010-06-05 )

“This is the second time I’ve called Bob and both times the service was outstanding. First one was during Labor Day weekend my AC gave out. I had visitors in the house and really needed to get this fixed quickly. I initially called another company which had the service contract for my AC for the past 3 years and they basically told me to call back on Tuesday after the holiday and schedule and appointment. I then called Bob on Saturday a.m. and he was in my home by 2 p.m.. He provided a short term fix that got things working again and then came back later the following week to finish up a more permanent solution to the problem. He also suggested installing a covering for my air intake vent that significantly reduced the AC noise in my home. Very clean, diligent and friendly service. I cancelled my service contract with the other company and decided to rely on NE AC Corp for any future repairs. Two weeks ago on a Saturday late afternoon my AC gave out and I called them again. Bob was here on Sunday morning. Nothing related to the prior repair. Electrical part burnt out due to recent brownouts. Replaced the part and we were good to go. Both times they have exceeded expectations and would definitely recommend.”
Review from Kannekt by – 615 Adams St. Resident  (2010-05-23 )